WASP Interim Results

These are the results as recorded at the beginning of May 2008.

91 clients have been visited, 78 in West Alness and 13 in other areas. The majority of these visits were in the four months from January to May. With your help we can reach the target of 200 visits by October 2008. This would help our application for further funding to increase the area WASP can cover in the future.

The reduction in energy usage of 5% cannot be reported on until the end of the year but interim results can be gauged by looking at the clients who fall into the following 4 categories:

  1. Those struggling to pay fuel bills and who have been placed onto social tariffs
  2. Those who have needed to contact their suppliers due to billing/supply problems or other service providers to make their homes more energy efficient
  3. Those who have been overusing their central heating and/or hot water controls
  4. Those where no further action is either possible or necessary. Only general advice on reducing comsumption given.

Some houses visited fall into more than one of these categories.

The following gives a summary of how the 91 clients visited fall into these headings

results graph

Energy Saving Sites

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Energy Watch

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