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West Alness SAVE (Save And Value Energy) Project  has been operational since November 2007. Brίd, the energy advisor, has been visiting homes in the Alness area to help residents save energy and reduce bills.  So far 21% of clients visited have been put onto lower tariffs giving them an instant reduction of up to 20% on their bills.  Brίd has also helped source grants for work to make homes more energy efficient and given general advice on saving energy to make future savings on bills.  Energy visits are for young and old, house owners or council tenants, those working or unemployed and is completely free and impartial.  Sign up for a visit before 1st August and you could win a 15” LCD TV.

WASP was born out of a desire by the 5 Residents Associations in West Alness to help residents save money by saving energy.  This coincided with the Highland Council’s drive to reduce fuel poverty in the Highlands and the availability of funding from the main energy supplier in the area – Scottish Hydro Electric – for the promotion of energy efficiency. These 7 partners set up WASP in May 2007 under the umbrella of Alness Initiative. 

If the target of reducing energy use in the community by 5% over the year is met, there is a possible community bonus of up to 10,000 from Scottish Hydro Electric.  So please help us make the best use of this year to reduce energy consumption, save money and make money for our community.

Tips for saving energy

Use low energy lightbulbs and use 80% less energy - they last for much longer than ordinary bulbs and because you are using less energy you save money twice over!
Contact Brid to claim your free low energy lightbulbs
Fuel Poverty


Fuel poverty means living in a cold home. It means being afraid to turn on the heating or use the cooker or to have hot water in case you are unable to pay the bill. The results are debt, ill health, misery and discomfort. Statistics show that there is a higher than average occurrence of fuel poverty in the Highlands largely due to low incomes, geography and type of housing.

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My name is Brid and I am the Energy Advisor for WASP, click here to email me.


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